Saturday, November 12, 2011

PokeMake-up: Pikachu

Ok. Let's get real here people.


There. I said it. Freaking Pikachu. By the show's standards, he is THE best Pokemon. 

And before you push your thick rimmed hipster glasses up your nose and scoff at me, let's reveiw the facts (by the shows standards mind you because in the game he is a pussy):

~He is chosen by the Pokemon MASKER. I want the bet the very best... in every frigging corner of the world. Oh and lets beat them with a electroRAT. You know, to embarrass the SHIT out of them.
~He is a gangster and refuses to be kept in a ball. OR evolve when he is supposed to. Pretty BA.
~ Beat Mew-Two, strongest Pokemon in the world, with the power of LOVE.
~ *FUN FACT* My older brother's friend hooked up a dead mouse to a car battery to see if it would make a Pikachu. It came BACK TO LIFE. THIS SHIT IS REAL PEOPLE!

So yeah, I don't care what cutesy-wootsy look you WANTED this guy to have, this is what you've got:
Oh and whoever wears this outfit needs at least 20 piercings, to conduct electricity better. DUH.
To see what I used go to: GidgetGif's Polyvore

PokeMake-up: Arbok

See, as far as the 'Pokemon who look way to much like real animals to actually be fun' go Arbok is pretty sweet. He at least has a touch of class to him. I mean, I'm not asking for perfection here but we are used to kobras? Why is that supposed to me wild and exciting. Come on Pokemon, really?
Hold the phone. You're a KOBRA? Holy crap. How is that even possible?
But like I said, he did have class. Leaving Team Rocket to go protect a head of it's own people. Fucking CLASS act man.

So keeping it's copius amount of class in mind, it was pretty easy to come up with a makeup look. I opted to mimick it's neck...tattoos (markings is probably the technical term, huh?)

The outfit was pretty easy as well. I thought those shoes were TO DIE FOR. The outfit is classy, just like the Pokemon!
For the items I used go to: GidgetGif's Polyvore

PokeMake-up: Ekans

Ekan's was a pretty dedicated mo'fo. He evolved strictly because Jessie him to. What a thoughtful little dude.

In general I don't like Pokemon based on animals that don't go the extra mile. I mean, when people told you that 'ekans' backwards was 'snake'...ummmm...were you really surprised?

But I do like the colors. They made for great makeup/outfit.

And for something a little new. Here is an Ekan's outfit:


Thursday, November 10, 2011

PokeMake-up: Fearow

Fearow is the anti-Pdgeotto isn't he? It like the difference between this:
And this:
Which is kind of a shame. I mean, Fearow looks so much better! He's cool and bad ass. But he's cast as a villian Pokemon.

Poke-Rasist. Alway trying to keep the scary bird down!